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Tiferet (n.): beauty or glory, is the most central to the Kabbalah tree of life, 

as it mediates between kindness and strength.

Reviews & Testimonials

The Jewish News

Knowing their regular customers’ names (as well as their drink orders) has come easy to the outgoing siblings, who have matching wide smiles and welcome everyone as famil

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Sacramento Business Journal

Tiferet has a friendly, teasing vibe thanks to the Berhanes’ cheerful irreverence...

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Women of Sacramento

"Women like Sabrina and Makeda Berhane are the reasons why Women of Sacramento was created. They embody the true spirit of small business owners in Sacramento. Their success is a reflection of their selfless, compassionate nature. "

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Fred V. via Yelp

"Tiferet Coffee House is welcoming, memorable, adorable, and is alive with the beauty and kindness of the women who present there"

Marissa S. via Yelp

"The atmosphere is calm, quiet, and relaxing. The women that work there are absolutely amazing. Their customer service is unmatched."

Cassey Z. via Yelp

"Tiferet Coffee House is wonderful. As a first-timer here, I immediately noticed how so many locals know the barista and how there's a sense of closeness or friendship.."